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Paul and I had always dreamed of bringing our children up in the country.

Eight years after we married and our son Jamie was in grade 1, Paul took a teaching job at a country school and we found a property just outside the town.

We took out a large mortgage to buy it and a term life policy to protect us in case anything unexpected happened.

Six months ago, while driving home from the rugby club, Paul’s car collided with another and he was killed instantly.

I never thought something like this would happen to us.

The lump sum I received from the life insurance policy helped me pay off the mortgage on the farm and there was still money left over.

My insurer offered a planning service, which enabled me to get advice on how I should best use the rest of the money.

I also used the grief support service provided within our insurance policy and it did assist me with sympathetic counselling when I needed it most. I am selling the farm and plan to buy a small cottage nearby so Jamie can still grow up in the country.

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