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Research really is the key to success!

Our Research

We use the most up to date research, to more accurately compare and evaluate the leading life insurance and income protection insurance cover options available. The market data we use is derived from an independent research house that specialises in monitoring and rating life insurance policies day in day out.

Any change in cover (definitions, terms or features) will have a bearing on the policy’s score and overall research rating. This is why our advisers ensure all life insurance options are weighed up 100% before recommending the perfect solution to match your personal needs and objectives.

Why's Tip!

We only recommend life insurance policies that have been independently researched and rated for quality assurance purposes. Any policy that has no independent rating will not be used in the comparison or recommendation process.

The life insurance research ratings and scoring system not only compares policy features but also evaluates core and ancillary definitions, premiums, policy innovations and more importantly policy + strengths & – weaknesses. A statement of advice (SOA) detailing all life insurance recommendations, policy benefits and features will be prepared for you by your very own life insurance specialist. A full research report will also be included in the appendix of your SOA confirming all the reasons for the recommendations and why the selected cover is the perfect match for your individual needs.

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