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Mick and Julie O’Sullivan had two children, Isabel and Luke. When the kids were school aged, they visited their financial adviser for a review of their finances. Their adviser recommended they take out a child’s recovery insurance on Luke and Isabel’s lives.

2 years later, Luke began experiencing back pain and symptoms like pneumonia. Julie took him to their GP and he was referred to a specialist. The specialist confirmed the unthinkable had occurred, Luke was diagnosed with Lymphoblastic Lymphoma.

The prognosis was alarming. Luke was classified as the “high risk group” because of the aggressive growth of the tumour and the 90% chance of it relapsing.

Luke started chemotherapy straight away and had five consecutive days of chemotherapy for twelve weeks. On nine occasions, Luke was admitted to theatre for lumber punctures and bone marrow biopsies.

Julie left work to be at Luke’s bedside to support him through treatment. Isabel and Luke’s school raised money for toys and games to keep Luke busy during his treatment.

The insurance company provided the O’Sullivan’s with a claim cheque for $50,000 within a week of the claim being notified. The O’Sullivan’s used the money to fund Luke’s treatment and to pay ongoing bills that would have been outstanding, as Julie was no longer working.

Luke is now back at school but he still has a couple of years before the doctors can give him the all clear.

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