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Myth 4 - ``What About Centrelink, They'll Help Me Out!``


Australia’s welfare system is a great safety net if something goes wrong. However, too many people rely on the disability pension for total support when a tragedy occurs.

What the majority of Australians don’t realise is how little this pension provides in comparison to Australia’s average weekly ordinary time earnings (AWOTE).

Status Disability Support Pension rate per fortnight
Single $671.90 per fortnight > That’s less than $350 per week
Couple $506.50 (each)

As at 1 July 2009, the average full time adult ordinary time earnings was $62,270 p.a. (ABS Statistics May 2009) and the disability support pension was $14,970.80 p.a. (Centrelink September 2009).

Would This Be Enough To Maintain Your Current Lifestyle?

It is also important to know that the disability support pension payments are subject to what is known as an income test and assets test.

This means that if you have assets in excess of $626,000 (home owner, single) or additional income in excess of $1,485.80 per fortnight (single) you may not qualify to receive the pension.

Could you survive on $14,970.80 per year? With a disability? Why risk it?

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