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Myth 10 - ``I've Got Existing Medical Conditions, I Heard I Can't Get Life Insurance!``


Don’t assume that you won’t be able to get coverage because you’re living with a serious illness, injury or existing medical condition, such as diabetes, heart diseases or a fused spinal cord. Many insurers, depending on the severity of the existing illness or injury, can still provide insurance cover with either an exclusion, a premium loading or full cover.

Even if you’ve been declined by one company, that doesn’t mean other insurers also will decline coverage. What’s more, one company may cover you if you pay an added surcharge known as a premium loading, while another may charge you its standard rates. For instance, one cholesterol reading might not give you a standard rate with one company yet qualify you for a preferred rate with another.

Why's 2 Cents

Benefit from the latest life insurance application process with our innovative pre-assessment system. If you have an existing medical condition or have suffered an injury recently, our system can save you a lot of time searching the market for available cover options.

Instead of filling out 15 different applications with 15 different insurers, our system allows you to seamlessly ask the market whether they will offer you cover.

Our rated panel of insurers will respond with indicative cover options within 5 business days. Your expert adviser will then research and recommend the most appropriate policy available from the pre-assessment results. It’s that simple.

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