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All About Why Insure

New Generation in Life Insurance!

Why Insure is Australia’s next generation life insurance advice centre, a revolution in fact. We only recommend independently rated life insurance, income protection insurance, total permanent disablement and trauma insurance cover options from companies that are reputable and have a solid financial standing.

Why Insure is part of the Why Group, which was established in 2003 and has been providing Australian’s with advice for 7 years.

The Real Difference

Gone are the days of complex calculations, confusing product offerings and irrelevant policy terms. We won’t test your patience with uptight sales consultants or intricate computer presentations in fact everything is based around one word, > SIMPLICITY <.

Why Insure?

Instead of telling you that we are the best thing that ever happened to the life insurance industry (which we believe to be true) here are a few points that sum us up nicely:

  • Fast and Friendly Service
  • Free Life Insurance Quotes
  • Rated Life Insurers Only
  • No Medical Cover Options
  • Pre-Assessments Available
  • Stepped & Level Premiums

Your Friendly Experts

Your experienced Why Insure consultant is here to assist you and keep you informed every step of the way.

You will be given the direct contact details of your very own personal adviser who will be available to help you with any questions or queries you may have day or night.

Even after your cover has started, you can still expect the highest level of customer service and support from our consultants.

The Why Insure Service

We’ve made obtaining the right life insurance and income protection insurance very simple, straight forward and streamlined.

We won’t waste your time with fancy presentations that are designed to confuse you – but we will save you time, money and get you the cover that fits your needs perfectly.

In life anything can happen to any one of us, regardless of race, religion, age or gender. It is the unexpected events that can cause the most stress & worry and it’s these same things that people tend to not think about until it is far too late.

Cover your ifs is about being aware of the real fact that everyone is vulnerable & exposed to different risks every single day.
Things can and do go wrong whether we like it or not.

We may think we are in control of our lives only to find that the control we once thought we had can quickly disappear when a Doctor tells us we have an incurable type of cancer or a clot in the brain which requires life saving surgery.

These and many other types of illnesses (curable or incurable), accidents & sicknesses are all risks we will most likely have to face.

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